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It’s that time of year again–Spring is almost here and that means that Summer and the Choochokam Arts Festival are coming fast! If you’re interested in exhibiting at Choochokam as an artist, if you’d like to be considered for the entertainment line-up or as a food vendor, complete the form below to go to the registration and payment page.

You’ll find the applications, payment links and deadlines, or you can email with any questions you have from our contact page here.

See you soon!

Exhibitor Information

If you are interested in volunteering in 2014, be sure to add a little note here to give us an idea of where you are interested in working and how many hours you can give. We'll be in touch well before the event to talk about the details and invite you to a training session.

Check out the line up for Choochokam Artists here, along with the booth map so you can find your faves, then be sure to check out the music lineup here, and come out to enjoy a great weekend!


We invite all area children ages 4-12 to join in the Choochokam kid’s coloring contest of the 2013 Choochokam Arts poster designed by local Langley artist Judy Nyerges. You can pick up your blank poster in Langley at the Star Store, in Bayview at the Star Store and the Goose Community Grocer and in Freeland at Island Athletic beginning June 3rd, OR you can download the poster here, then color it and drop it off at any of the locations below!

CA Coloring Contest1

The contest is open to children ages 4-12 and is divided into the following categories, ages 4-6, ages 7-9, ages 10-12. One winner will be awarded per division. Drop off or mail your completed entry to one of these locations by Friday, June 21st. Pages must be colored in crayon. Please only one entry per child. Winners will be notified by email by July, 1, 2013. Awards will be presented at Choochokam Arts Festival, Saturday, July 6th.

The Star Store
201 First Street, Langley, WA 98260
5603 Bayview Road, Langley, WA 98260

The Goose Community Grocer
14485 Washington 525, Langley, WA 98260

Island Athletic
5522 Freeland Ave, Freeland, WA 98249


Get a jump start on your 2013 show schedule by applying today for Choochokam Arts 2013. Both Exhibitor and Vendor Applications are available now online.

If you are a returning artist, you do not need to jury (unless you’re a jeweler), but you do need to submit a new application.

Looking forward to another successful year here in Langley.


Thank you to all of our exhibitors, food vendors, musicians, performers, volunteers, sponsors, partners, City of Langley and more for another super successful art festival. A special thanks goes out to our community of art and music lovers, visitors and locals, alike. The weather was a plus, too.

We always encourage participation on an organizational level, and we would love to have your input and effort. To get involved, email info@choochokamarts.org.

Mark your calendars for July 6-7, 2013. See you in Langley for another fun weekend.


There’s usually not a spot to be found on the streets of Langley during the festival. That’s why we provide a free shuttle throughout town. Park at the lot at Sixth and Cascade or at one of the many non-profit lots and simply wait for the shuttle that runs continuously from the ferry and up through Langley.


What is Choochokam without henna? That’s what we thought.

Krysteen Lomonaco joined the Choochokam fun in the 11th hour last night, so head down to the festival for some henna fun. New maps will be available at the show. She’s located in the newly-added booth, B22.


If you’d like the festival schedule maps, etc. for 2012 please click on the navigation bar above that lists schedules. Also the lineup and stage schedules are posted under the entertainment and schedules navigation button.

We understand the site has been frustrating at times for some of you, which has been noted. The site is due to be spruced up after this year’s festival. If anyone would like to join our team to help with web updates, we’ll gladly welcome you. Our team of six is working as hard as we can to make this festival as enjoyable and fun for everyone!

Cheers! See you in a few days! Sherry, co-director


Knowing where to find your favorite returning artists, and our newest additions to our Choochokam Arts family is important. It’s especially important to the Choochokam team as we welcome these fabulous artists to downtown Langley July 7-8. The country celebrates its independence Choochokam weekend, while we celebrate our arts community. Join Us!

2012 Exhibitor Booth Assignments


Choochokam Arts is proud to announce its artists for 2012. This list is as of April 16.

ADAMS, Yukie                                Studio Raven’s Nest
ATTOLINI, Sherryl                        Home Treasuers
BLOOM, Leigh                                Mr. Mobley’s
BUCK, Tiffany                                 Bottle Cap Magnet Co.
CANT, Dennis                                 Dennis Cant Artist
CHAPIN, Bryan & Maria              Pearls by Nature
CLEVELAND, Brett                       Red Grass Designs
COOK, Peggy                                   Whimsical Art
CROUCHET, Marie                        MA Graphics
DEARDORFF, Doug                      Doug’s Puzzles
DEGEN, Beate                                Earth Worth Jewels
DELATORRE, Suzanne                SDT Knitware
DICK, Artis                                      Originals by Mrs. D
DOYON, Jocelyne                         CA Brille Jewelry
DUNN, Diana                                 Nexappeal
ECKARD, Garrett & Jan              Cool Woods
EHRIG, Angela                              Engayla’s Designs
EIMERS, Deborah                        Loose Threads
FINCH, Shelle                               Kozi Kids
FINKENBINER, Dale                  Fusion Silver
FISHER, Geoff                              Fisher Woodworking
AL GHANIM, Hassan                 Hassan Work & Designs
GILKERSON, Kathy                    Ace Leather Goods
GUNTER, Wanda                        Embroidery by Wanda
HAMSA, Howard                         Stillfire Pottery
HANDEL, Dennis                        Bayside Kites
HEALY, Renee                             Renee Healy
HENRIE, Victor & Gretchen    OMG Oils & Vinegars
HOGAN, Jess                              Hogan Glassworks
JOHNSON, Marcy                     Weaving Works
JURRIANS, Cary                        WIFAS Demo Booth
KARVASEK, Dan                       Dan Karvasek Photography
KASETER, Jo                              Me & Mom’s Hats
KASTLER, Regina                     Basket Works NW by Reggie
KEENE, Robert                         Keene’s Jewelry
KELLY, Tamara                         Wearable Art
KENNEDY, Pam                        Fabulous Faces
KILTZ, Nancy                             Baskets by Nancy
KENNEY, Michael                    Michael’s Desings
KIMBALL, Diane                      Diane B. Kimball
KLEPPER, Heidi                      Klepper Glass
KLIMAS, Donna                       DJ’s Jewelery & Access.
KUNIHIRO, Mel                      MK Wares
LARZALIER, Patricia             Mermaid’s Tears
LIBBY, Dick                              Languid Decadence Artworks
LOY, Deborah
MAC LACHLAN, Karma        Karmela Botanica
MANDATO, Elaine                 Just Toffee
MANNING, Amber & Larry  Nubian Sun
MASTERS, Larry                     Nutmasters
MOORE, Audrey                     Watch Me
MOTTO, Marissa                    Unique Ceramic Ware
MUNDELL, Barbara              Shadowfax Jewelry
NAVARRO, Melinda              Danilo Navarro
NEFF, Linda                            D&L Woodworking & Art

NEISSEL, Keith                      Other Worlds
NGUYEN, Hung                     Hung Nguyen Watercolors
NOWICKI, Steve                    Shock-N-Awe Metalworks
O’CONNOR, Mary Ellen  & ARMSTRONG, Linnane
Apple Tree Arts
OSMOLSKI, Lauren              Lauren Osmolski Artist Blacksmith
OTLEY, Kathleen                   Otley Art
PRINS, Sofia Christine         Sofia Christine
RASMUSSEN, Lisa               Designs by Lisa
REISMAN, Austin                 Jack’d Skimboards
RICHMAN, Jo Marie            Rose-Marie
RISSE, Heidi                          Soapworks Studio
ROBERTS, Lance                  Lance Roberts Pottery
RUSH, Sella                            Shi Shi Designs
SCHULTZ, Maria                  Stems Vases
SCHULTZ, Jessica & Chelsea
SHANK, Deneen                    Acha
SCHETTERER, Kathy          Kathy’s Children’s Wearables
SLOAN, Tammi                     My Brown Wren
STEWART, J.L.                     Hot Damn Forge
SULLIVAN, Jerry                 The Beaver Woodworks
SWASEY, Sylvia                    S. Swasey Designs
THACHER, Jennifer            JWT Designs
THORSTEINSON, Mark & Ann    M & A Write Right
TINIUS, Jeff & Debbie         Storm Lake Pottery
TRAPP, Briston                     Trapp Industries
TSOURIS, Michel                 Karthia
VAN ARNAM, Jack              Whidbey Is. Fudge
VANBEEK, Marlene            Beaded Jewelry by Marlene
VESTUTO, Betty                  Vestuto Chart Art
WICKELL-STEWART, Vicki    Vicki Wickell Watercolors
WISTROM, Tim                   Studio 60/40
WONG, David                      Pan Hung Wong


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Choochokam Arts P.O. Box 969 Langley, WA 98260 (360) 322-4822 info@choochokamarts.org